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Rick Campbell, editor, poet & essayist

Editor and Poet, Rick Campbell wearing a Pittsburg Pirates baseball cap
Sometimes the Light by Rick Campbell book cover shows a dramatic view of a beach with a tumbling sky above.

Sometimes the Light

Rick Campbell’s first collection of essays—25 years in the making

ISBN: 978-1-59948-910-0,  ~192 pages, $17.95 (+ shipping)

Projected Release Date: February/March, 2022

Accepting preorders HERE

Editorial Services

I have thirty years’ experience as an editor and publisher and more than 45 years’ experience as a teacher and writer.  As the Director of Anhinga Press, I helped publish nearly 100 books of poetry, and I have also worked with nonfiction and fiction manuscripts.  Since 2016 I have worked with writers in the Sierra Nevada University MFA programs helping them to edit and revise their thesis manuscripts.

I generally prefer to work with longer, book length manuscripts, but I am flexible in these matters, and I will attempt to provide the type and level of service that each writer needs.


My rates are flexible; I offer a sliding scale for clients. I charge $50-$70 an hour, offer free preliminary consultations, and work as quickly as possible. Each manuscript is different, and each situation requires a different approach.  In my time as an editor and publisher I have worked with poet laureates and first book authors.  Many of my writers have won major prizes and awards.

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