Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A New Book of Essays

Famously, baseball is a game that proceeds without a clock. The essays in Rick Campbell’s circadian cyclic, Sometimes the Light, extemporize on all kinds of time and times (including baseball’s), concretizing Time as the hidden component of Place. Baseball, too, is a pastoral game where the ball doesn’t do the scoring. Campbell’s vision is vastly peripheral while minutely focused. These illuminating and illuminated essays range far-afield but always land with that keen eye on ball.

~Michael Martone, Author of The Complete Writings of Art SmithThe Bird Boy of Fort Wayne, Edited by Michael Martone, and The Moon Over Wapakoneta

Sometimes the Light, Essays by Rick Campbell shows a beach dramatically lit as a storm rolls in

Sometimes the Light

essays by Rick Campbell

ISBN: 978-1-59948-910-0,  ~192 pages, $17.95 (+ shipping)

Projected Release Date: February/March, 2022

An Advance Sale Discount price of $10.95 (+ shipping) is available HERE prior to press time. This price is not available anywhere else or by check. The check price is $15/book (which includes shipping) and should be sent to: Main Street Rag, PO BOX 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227-7001.